I don’t know the exact time frame, I’m not exactly a Healer, but if you’re worried about anything, I wouldn’t worry. We’ve got the best Healers.


What are you then?

People keep saying that, yet the worry is still there. I’m also now realizing that this probably is never going to ease up, the worry. 


And leave you here so that you can get yoahself tranquilized aftah you’ve annoyed healah? I think that’s a bad idea, babe.


What? I’m only asking them to do their job and give me information when they can. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.. 

There should be a handbook on situations like this. 


And you’ah driving me crazy with it.


I’ll remember this for next time. 

You can go home and sleep if you want, love. No point in both of us losing the ability to function properly.


Well, work in a hospital long enough, and new fathers have a certain look to them.


Right— Would you happen to know when they’ll be letting us in? I know they said it would be a bit, but I’ve— I don’t like to wait. 

Title: Circle Of Life [The Lion King]
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And I was like Baby, baby, baby ooh.

It wasn’t supposed to go like this, he wasn’t supposed to be a father so soon. There should have been at least one month left, one month to prepare himself for such a great change. But one hurried owl had changed it all and there he was, in Mungos, preparing himself for a life that was soon to come. A life that wasn’t yet ready to be apart of the world.

"You need to stop pacing."

"You’re going to run a hole into the carpet."

Words, they were all words. None of them mattered, not a single one would until he got the signal that all was okay, that his child and the mother would be fine. 

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The second option sounded like the bettah choice though.


You got me a shoe lift? You realize I don’t wear loafahs right?

I’m not saying what I got you. Who knows, you may wake up to a cup with rocks or a sickle in an orange. 


Yes, dear, I had them gift wrap it. 


A shoe lift? Really? I don’t think I’ve evah actually seen someone buy one, let alone use it.

I’m impressed, honest. 

It was either that or a plaque with a few choice words on it. The lift was the tamer choice. Just wait until you get yours, life will be so much easier.